Privacy Policy

Protecting personal information

NISSEI PLASTIC INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. presses importance on protecting personal information of our customers, stock holders, vendors, and our officers.  We enforce the following guidelines to protect their personal information:

  • We observe personal information protection laws and regulations.
  • We properly handle personal information in accordance with our internal personal information protection and management regulations, which may include obtaining, forwarding, using, providing, managing and deleting information in order to take appropriate safety precautions against the following risks: unauthorized access, loss, damage, tampering, and leak of personal information.
  • We emphasize the importance of protecting privacy and security through staff training and continuous education on a periodical basis to enforce these regulations. 
  • We appointed a Protection Administrator to continuously review and audit our internal personal protection policy and management system in order to improve and enhance its security.

Collected information

  • Use of personal information

    Our website collects customer information (e.g., name, company, address, contact info, etc.) through the web form.  Information collected will be used for the following purposes:

    • To provide answers to our customer.
    • Whatever the purpose listed on the web form.
    • To provide our product information or service information and conduct surveys.
    • To provide information on exhibit or seminar and conduct surveys.

    We will not share the information with third parties without customers’ consent, except enforced by the authority.