Product Lineup

Flexible Space-Saving & Energy-Saving Vertical Machine

STX Series is a compact and space-saving design machine series that can flexibly be adapted to many automatic molding systems. We are now introducing the new generation series that has further evolved by equipping it with the "X-Pump" system. It materializes outstanding injection performance and significant energy-savings, demonstrating the strength in automotive & electronics components moldings that require high-precision.

  • Hybrid compact vertical injection molding machine STX10

    Models STX10 〔Sinle-stage〕
    STX10S 〔Sliding〕
    STX10R 〔Turntable〕
    Specification item 2V
    Screw diameter mm 16 19 22
    Injection capacity 13 18 25
    Max. injection pressure MPa 263 186 139
    Clamping force kN 94
    Clamping stroke mm 170
    Mold thickness (min.-max.) mm 130
    Max. daylight opening mm 300
    Die plate dimensions (H×V) mm 400 × 200
    Ejector stroke mm 60 〔Sinle-stage〕
    40 〔Sliding〕
    40 〔Turntable〕