Product Lineup

Permitting ideal transmission of clamping force

DCE-Ⅲ series is equipped with the new clamping mechanism "Double Flat Clamp," into which the idea of the hydraulic 2-piston clamping mechanism is incorporated, permitting ideal transmission of clamping force to two sides of a mold. Furthermore, the high-speed, shockless mold rotating mechanism, high-speed control (control cycle: 100 microsec.) for stable injection operation, and various types of high-speed operations permit the series to meet the needs for diversified two-color molding.

  • Exploring the Potential of 2-Color/Dissimilar Material Molding

    2-color/dissimilar material molded products have been widely used for automotive interior/exterior, industrial parts, and household goods. NISSEI double-injection molding machines can mold high design-ability and functionality products in one process cycle. Inner mold assembly (integrated molding) can reduce assembly processes, number of components, and cycle time as well as saving mold costs and floor space. NISSEI double-injection molding machines remarkably rationalize production processes while adding high-values to the products.




  • Electric 2-color/dissimilar material molding machines DCE140Ⅲ

    Models DCE140Ⅲ
    Specification item A:9E-B:9E A:18E-B:18E
    Screw diameter mm 26 28 32 28 32 36
    Injection capacity 59 69 90 77 101 127
    Max. injection pressure MPa 265 243 186 265 223 176
    Clamping force kN 1370 1370
    Clamping stroke mm 400 400
    Mold thickness (min.-max.) mm 170 ~ 450 170 ~ 450
    Max. daylight opening mm 850 850
    Tie bar clearance(H×V) mm 660×360 660×360
    Die plate dimensions (H×V) mm 860×550 860×550
    Ejector stroke mm 100 100