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Technological solutions from NISSEI Smart Technology

NISSEI electric injection molding machines have been developed by being in tune with the needs in the field and years of accumulated expertise. Since its debut in 2003, NEX has become one of the best-selling series, and ten small & mid size types, ranging from 294kN (30ton) to 4510kN (460ton), have been newly updated and reborn as the NEX-Ⅲ Series. NEX-Ⅲ Series offers new further stable plasticization device and "TACT IV" controller, which is equipped with a 15-inch large vertical LCD screen and premium software for better operability and functions, materializing to secure broader moldable range and ensure the quality of molding.

  • Electric high-performance injection molding machine NEX280Ⅲ

    Models NEX280Ⅲ
    Specification item 71E(STD) 100LE
    Screw diameter mm 50 56 63 50 56 63
    Injection capacity 442 554 701 550 776 982
    Max. injection pressure MPa 249 199 157 249 199 157
    Clamping force kN 2740 2740
    Clamping stroke mm 600 600
    Mold thickness (min.-max.) mm 320 ~ 610 320 ~ 610
    Max. daylight opening mm 1210 1210
    Tie bar clearance(H×V) mm 660×660 660×660
    Die plate dimensions (H×V) mm 955×955 955×955
    Ejector stroke mm 130 130