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A Variety of Molding Solutions for Global Market to be Showcased at K2022, Trade Fair for Plastics, in Germany

  • 2022/10/11 Exhibition Information
  • Nissei Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd. and Negri Bossi S.P.A. will be exhibiting at “K2022,” which is the world’s largest plastic fair to be held in Düsseldorf, Germany, from October 19th to 26th. Nissei Group’s theme for the show is “Inclusive Growth.” They will be showcasing revolutionary eco-friendly technologies, which can reduce environmental loads and materialize sustainable societies, as well as rolling out solutions to “simplify molding processes.” In addition, a variety of new proposals for more advanced productions will be revealed.
    Negri Bossi, the largest Italian injection molding machine maker, joined Nissei Group in January 2020 to solidify Nissei Group’s global strategy. K2022 will be the first event to showcase the collaboration between Nissei and Negri Bossi, and it will be a perfect opportunity to show their presence to the customers in Europe and throughout the world as the new Nissei Group. Visitors can witness synergy effects brought by the joined force of both companies.

    Inclusive Growth ― Plastics’ New Values that Truly Enrich Our Society
    Sustainable growth can be attained by creating a society that benefits everyone. NISSEI Group has been making ongoing efforts to protect the environment, raising the bar for production with advanced technologies, and improving factory environments to discover new values in plastics.

    1. A debut of the all-new all-electric machine, which will be the flagship model to be released in the European market.
    2. A further-advanced solution for processing eco-friendly material PLA (Polylactic Acid).
    3. A proposal to the automotive industry to meet rapidly shifting demands for electric vehicles.
    4. Experience Nissei Group’s “Small to Super Large Machine Lineups (micro molding machine, etc.).”

    “Environmental Management” is one of Nissei’s business objectives, and Nissei has been researching and developing injection molding methods to utilize biodegradable resins since the early 90s’. Nissei has been continuously developing new molding technology and its applications as materials evolve in order to popularize the uses of eco-friendly materials.
    At K2019, Nissei demonstrated the molding of thin-wall transparent PLA champagne flutes and attracted attentions from the visitors. Nissei proposes a new value-added technological solution in order to expand its uses of the eco-friendly material even further.

    K2022 will be the 70th anniversary since its first exhibition held in 1952. Coincidentally, Nissei and Negri Bossi are commemorating their 75th anniversaries. As a group, the total number of units sold exceeded well over 190,000 units, and it is approaching the milestone of 200,000 units. Please come and experience how Nissei and Negri Bossi’s rich heritages and resources in the industry fused and evolved to offer new solutions.
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