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The Latest Hybrid Type Injection Molding Machine on Exhibit at PLATEX Osaka

  • 2016/3/31 Exhibition Information
  • NISSEI PLASTIC INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. will be exhibiting at “PLATEX Osaka 2016,” which will be held in Suminoe-Ku, Osaka from 4/20/2016~4/23/2016. A hybrid type injection molding machine will be used in a demonstration that is catered to automotive, container, and general goods industries, all of which are strong and steady industries in Japan.

    The purpose of exhibiting at this Expo is to suggest a solution by using a hybrid type injection molding machine in conjunction with low-pressure molding method, which can draw attention from new potential customers. Also, molding transparent thick-wall products as a demonstration will target automotive parts, medical, and cosmetics industries.

    Summary of Demonstration
    Hybrid Type Injection Molding Machine “FNX80III-12A”
    This is an X-Pump equipped hybrid type injection molding machine “FNX-III Series” with a 792kN (80ton) clamping force.
    Four-cavity molding of low-distortion high-quality lens (material: PMMA) will be demonstrated in conjunction with NISSEI original low-pressure molding application program “N-SAPLI.” This machine possesses excellent “ultra-low speed injection + long-sustained holding pressure” performance, which is the strength of the hybrid machine. “N-SAPLI” improves internal stress of the molded products and gas release efficiency to reduce the occurrence of molding defects, such as sink mark, warping, and deformation for lens and thick-wall products.

    Hybrid type injection molding machines possess the advantages of both hydraulic type (durability of direct pressure clamp, low maintenance, long life, and low cost) and electric type (energy-saving, high-speed injection, high response, and high repeatability). It offers outstanding, well-balanced performance, enabling it to do a wide variety of molding from precision/thin-wall to thick-wall products.

    1) Power consumption is up to 55% less than that of the conventional NISSEI hydraulic machines (electric machine level of energy-efficiency). Idling stop function is also added.
    2) Wide-ranging injection velocity can cover from 1mm/s ultra low to high-speed, and it offers outstanding stability in low-velocity and low-pressure range.
    3) It ensures linearity in both injection velocity and injection pressure.
    4) Compared to the electric type, it offers a superb dwelling performance that can maintain high injection holding pressure for a long time.
    5) Its direct pressure clamping mechanism transmits consistent clamping force, which always corresponds to what is on the setting value, and is tolerant to environmental factors, such as temperature change.
    6) High-performance controller “TACT IV” is equipped with a larger screen that displays two windows simultaneously. It is equipped with a variety of high-value-added application programs, offering improved operability as well as reinforcing its quality and production management features.

    NISSEI booth#: F01
    • FNX80III-12A
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