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Injection Molding Machines and Technologies Pursuing Optimum Productions on Exhibit at “DMP2014”

  • 2014/11/14 Exhibition Information
  • NISSEI PLASTIC INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. will be exhibiting at the “16th DMP Dongguan International Plastics, Packaging & Rubber Exhibition (DMP2014)” in Dongguan, China, from November 19th to 22nd. NISSEI will bring three types of injection molding machines to introduce molding technologies that pursue optimum productions (optimized for each application).
    The DMP2014 will showcase the hybrid type vertical injection molding machine “TNX100R18V,” electric type injection molding machine for small precision parts “NEX30III-1EN,” and hybrid type ultra-compact injection molding machine “HMX7-CN3.”

    Demonstration Machines
    1. Hybrid Type Vertical Injection Molding Machine “TNX100R18V”
    This is an X-Pump equipped hybrid type vertical injection molding machine “TNX Series” with a 1026kN (100ton) clamping force. This series is highly reputed for its excellence in insert molding capability for automotive parts productions, and NISSEI will actively promote its sales in Chinese market. Insert molding of shrouds, which will target automotive parts businesses, will be demonstrated at the show.
    “TNX Series” is equipped with an innovative energy-efficient high-response hybrid pump system “X-Pump,” and a 50ton TNX50R consumes 70% less power and 25% less hydraulic oil than those of conventional hydraulic machines.
    The clamping unit uses a turntable type (rotary) direct pressure clamping device, and it possesses superior performance than toggle types, such as its even contact pressure, mold open/close linearity, clamping force accuracy, clamping precision sustainability, and excellent mold protection performance.

    Other features:
    (1) Turntable and ejectors are servo-driven, materializing shorter cycle, smooth mechanical motion, and accurate rotation stop precision. This can prevent the misalignment of insert work pieces.
    (2) It is equipped with a 3-tie bar wide turntable and can accommodate larger mold due to intricate shape of the products or mold with a slide core. In addition, wider work area is secured, providing better workability/operability for mold setup and insertion, and it flexibly accommodates automated systems, such as a robot.

    2. Electric Type Injection Molding Machine for Small Precision Parts “NEX30III-1EN”
    Based on NISSEI’s flagship electric injection molding machine “NEX-III Series” with a 294kN (30ton) clamping force, this small precision parts specification machine was made for the production of precision connectors and lenses.
    As an example for small precision parts production, multi-cavity molding of mobile phone camera lenses (eight cavities) will be demonstrated.
    In order to handle high-quality molding of ultra-precision electronic components or optical parts, such as narrow-pitch connectors, optical pickup lenses, and camera lenses for mobile phones, this machine is equipped with the following:
    1) High-precision clamping mechanism that uses linear guide for clamping slide
    2) Special screw and barrel assembly (a set of screw and barrel) for connectors or optics
    3) Special features, such as dual-pull type nozzle moving device, etc.

    Equipped with high-performance controller “TACT IV,” NEX-III Series machines offer a larger screen, newly designed operation panel, and convenient & easy-to-use premium software. These machines improve workability/operability and reinforce quality/production management functions, featuring the following:
    1) Sheet switch type is used for the operation panel.
    2) 15-inch vertical LCD display can arrange two windows vertically, materializing superior visibility and operability.
    3) New features, such as the SET-UP screen and display of the descriptions of adjusters, materialize user-friendly operation, ensure reliability, and allow saving of prep time from mounting of mold to staring of mass production.

    Other features:
    1) Higher injection velocity, response, and pressure are achieved by adopting low inertia servomotor and NISSEI original injection unit. Higher injection/plasticization precision and wider moldable range are materialized by optimizing the barrel temperature control.
    2) Yield is improved by the high-precision metering control (one of the control modes, “Pre-Pack” or “Precision Metering,” can be selected).
    3) “Linear Pressure Toggle,” once it’s materialized, utilizes the advantages of toggle mechanism (high cycle properties, etc.) and possesses the characteristics similar to the straight-hydraulic clamping system. This mechanism offers “automatic clamping force adjustment” function and “direct clamping force setting” as standard features. “Automatic clamping force adjustment” automatically adjusts clamping force fluctuations caused by rising mold temperature during automatic run, and “direct clamping force setting” permits changing clamping force setting during automatic run. Both of these functions come standard.

    3. Hybrid Type Ultra-Compact Injection Molding Machine “HMX7-CN3”
    This is an X-Pump equipped hybrid type ultra-compact injection molding machine with a 69kN (7ton) clamping force.
    Molding of 4-cavity 0.4mm pitch connectors will be demonstrated to appeal its production capability for small precision parts in a small space.
    NISSEI possesses over 60% of market share for 1~19-ton class precision parts injection molding machines in Japan (as of 2013). In order to stimulate demands for compact machines in Chinese market, this 7-ton clamping force hybrid machine will be exhibited.
    This light-weight space-saving machine can be installed anywhere. Since it comes with casters, this portable machine can be used for a variety of applications, such as molding for testing purpose, small quantity production, large quantity production, and as a parts feeder in an assembly line.
    As an ultra-compact machine, it comes with a variety of standard features, such as a clamping safety device, low-pressure clamping, continuous ejector, automatic purging circuit, and screw cold start prevention circuit.
    Injection unit is a rotary ram inline screw type, which uses NISSEI’s original design nozzle and screw. It is effective for achieving stable plasticization and mixing as well as changing colors and materials. Since the rotary torque transmission is smooth, it possesses low-inertia and low-noise characteristics. It is also able to process anything from general-purpose resins to high-performance resins, such as engineering plastics.
    Clamping unit is a straight-hydraulic type, which is highly reputed for its precision stability. Its smooth linear movement permits stable mold open/close movement with consistent clamping force, achieving even mold pressurization and sustaining mechanical precision for a long time.
    “NC21” controller comes with an easy to use 5.7-inch touch panel type LCD.
    NC21’s key features:
    1) Internal memory of 15 molding conditions
    2) Digital setting of mold position, injection velocity, and pressure control
    3) Remote temperature control of a barrel

    NISSEI booth #: 3D02
    • TNX100R18V
    • NEX30III-1EN
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