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The-All New Eco-Friendly Large Hybrid Injection Molding Machine

  • 2014/4/14 Products Information
  • NISSEI PLASTIC INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. updated one of their flagship large hybrid type injection molding machines “FVX Series,” and it has been resurrected as the “FVX-III Series.” NISSEI Hybrid Series has been recognized as one of the NISSEI’s flagship models together with the Electric Series. NISSEI has started accepting orders since April 10th.

    This all-new large injection molding machine FVX-III Series is offered in five different tonnage classes, ranging from 5,500kN (560ton) “FVX560III” to 12,800kN (1,300ton) “FVX1300III,” totaling nine configurations with the selection of various injection unit sizes.

    The key feature of FVX-III Series is its high-performance and high-functioning controller “TACT IV.” Large screen, newly designed operation panel, convenient & user-friendly premium software are equipped to improve workability and operability. Quality and production management functions also have been reinforced.
    Highly reputed for its easy molding condition-setting and simplified prep work, the “TACT IV” Controller has been used in electric injection molding machine “NEX-III Series” and hybrid injection molding machine “FNX-III Series.”
    Main features:
    1. Flat sheet switch type is used for the operation panel.
    2. 15-inch vertical LCD display can arrange two windows vertically, materializing superior visibility and operability.
    3. New features, such as SET-UP screen and descriptions of adjusters, permit saving of prep time from mold installation to starting of mass production as well as materializing easy and reliable operations.

    Other key features for hybrid injection molding machines include its “direct pressure” clamping mechanism and hybrid “X-Pump” system.
    “Direct pressure” clamping mechanism excels in low-pressure clamping performance and transmits clamping force accurately according to the setting.
    “X-Pump” possesses the advantage of both hydraulic drive (low maintenance, long service life, and low cost) and electric drive (energy-saving, high-speed injection, high-response, and high-repeatability). It is controlled by the servomotor’s rotational speed (*note) to drive the pump only when it is necessary (it stops when it is not needed).
    X-Pump equipped machines save significant amount of energy compared to the hydraulic types. Since the energy efficiency is greatly improved, rise in hydraulic oil temperature can be suppressed, and the amount of cooling water can be reduced. As a result, reducing the cooling equipment costs, such as operation and cooling tower costs, is possible.

    In addition, X-Pump equipped machines offer the following injection performances (values are for FVX660III-400L):
    1. High-response injection rise time (rise response: 30 milliseconds) is materialized.
    2. Stability in ultra-low velocity/pressure range and linearity in wide velocity/pressure range are materialized.
    1) The minimum operating velocity is 0.5mm/s, which is 1/6 compared to the conventional hydraulic machines, improving the resolutions in low-velocity range.
    2) The minimum controllable pressure is 0.3MPa, which is 1/5 compared to the conventional hydraulic machines, improving the control resolutions in low-pressure range.
    3. “High-pressure + long-sustained” injection holding pressure (100% holding pressure can be sustained for 60 seconds) is materialized, which is difficult to achieve with the electric machines.
    4. Electric machine level of low-noise operation is materialized by the servomotor drive.

    Since there is a steady increase in the demands for large injection molding machines in automotive-related industries, NISSEI is aiming to boost sales by introducing the all-new energy-efficient large hybrid type machines.
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