Product Lineup

Equipped with the "X-Pump," an innovative hybrid pump system.

Equipped with the "X-Pump," an innovative hybrid pump system, the FNX-Ⅲ Series has the merits of both electric and hydraulic molding machines. With the energy-saving performance and quick injection starting response equivalent to those of the electric type, the series reduces the running cost and improves the moldability and molding quality.

  • Hybrid high-performance injection molding machine FNX460Ⅲ

    Models FNX460Ⅲ
    Specification item 160A
    Screw diameter mm 71 80 90
    Injection capacity 1270 1610 2030
    Max. injection pressure MPa 195 154 122
    Clamping force kN 4460
    Clamping stroke mm 1025
    Mold thickness (min.) mm 375
    Max. daylight opening mm 1400
    Tie bar clearance(H×V) mm 820×820
    Die plate dimensions (H×V) mm 1190×1190
    Ejector stroke mm 160