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Five Machines, Including the All-New Electric-Type Model and Packaging Machine, Expecting High Deman

  • 2012/3/19 Exhibition Information
  • NISSEI PLASTIC INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. will be exhibiting at "NPE2012," which will be held at Orlando, Florida, from April 1st to 5th. NISSEI will present the new electric type injection molding machine, packaging injection molding machine, eco-friendly injection molding machine, and LSR injection molding machine to demonstrate the state-of-the-art solution-providing technologies as well as appealing the eco-friendly technologies to reduce the environmental impact and materialize sustainable society.

    Debuting in the U.S. market for the first time, their highlights of this show are to market the all-new electric type injection molding machine "NEX-Ⅲ Series" and high-cycle machine for packaging industry. NISSEI will also introduce their approach for environmental protection.

    Demonstration Machines
    1. Electric Type Injection Molding Machine "NEX-Ⅲ Series"
    NISSEI's flagship electric injection molding machine "NEX Series" has received performance upgrades and is reborn. Two types will be unveiled: 490kN (50ton) NEX50Ⅲ-5EG and 784kN (80ton) NEX80Ⅲ-12EG.
    At the show, NEX50Ⅲ will demonstrate one-cavity molding of paper clips (material: HIPS/ABS), and NEX80Ⅲ will demonstrate 32-cavity molding of pipettes (material: PP).

    The new features are its updated plasticization device (injection unit) and new controller "TACT Ⅳ."

    In order to reduce molding defects, the new plasticization device was designed to offer better plasticization performance by subdividing and optimizing the barrel temperature control zones, resulting in:
    1) Energy-saving
    The newly designed nozzle and barrel permit better thermal conduction, shortening the heat-up time by 25% and saving power by 8%.
    2) Improved molding stability
    Drifting (fluctuation) of resin temperature, which occurs upon starting up a molding machine, can be eliminated. It offers a stable plasticization for PBT (non-reinforced), LCP, PA66, and PCTA and enhances plasticizing performance for PP resin. It is highly effective for various types of resins to reduce defect rate, improve yield, and increase productivity.
    3) Shorter plasticization time
    By its 2-zone controlled (subdivided) rear heater, plasticization time can be shortened.

    New NEX Series also offers improved basic functions, such as higher injection pressure and faster injection speed. Many optional features are also available, such as a selection of high-precision specification for 2EG~12EG injection unit classes, which materialize further precise stable molding.

    New controller "TACT Ⅳ" offers a larger screen, newly designed operation panel, and convenient & user friendly premium software, improving its workability & operability. The quality & production management functions are also reinforced.
    Main features:
    1) Sheet switch type operation panel.
    2) 15-inch vertical LCD screen that displays two windows vertically to materialize superior visibility and operability. Changing condition while monitoring shot data possible.
    3) New features (such as set-up screen, descriptions of adjusters, and description of errors) that allow saving of prep time from mold installation to staring of mass production and materialize easy & reliable operation.
    4) Reinforced production management, traceability for the quality of molded products, and maintenance support functions, etc.

    2. Hybrid Type Packaging Injection Molding Machine "FNX460-200BN1"
    This machine is an x-pump equipped hybrid type injection molding machine "FNX Series" with a clamping force of 4460kN (455ton). It is equipped with a large volume & high plasticization injection unit designed for packaging products. This is a successor of AN1 Series, which had been sold in the US as packaging machine, and its range of applicability has been expanded by increasing the injection speed and pressure performances.
    2-cavity molding of cups (material: PP) will de demonstrated at the show.

    FNX460-200BN1 is designed for molding of food & beverage container/cap and disposable medical containers using olefin resins (such as PP and PE), targeting to achieve the cycle time below 10 seconds.
    Main features:
    1) Large volume and high plasticization screw design.
    2) High-precision control of nozzle and barrel temperature.
    3) Higher injection pressure (48% higher than conventional machines) and faster injection speed (55% faster than conventional machines).
    4) Straight-hydraulic mold clamping system that excels in durability under long continuous operations.
    5) Energy-saving X-pump system.
    6) High-cycle achieved by faster mold open/close, simultaneous motions (ejection during mold open, etc.), and mode switching timing adjustment.

    3. N-PLAjet Specification Hybrid Type Injection Molding Machine "FNX110-18A"
    NISSEI has developed an injection molding system "N-PLAjet," which processes eco-friendly materials, such as Polylactic Acid (PLA), and they have been actively expanding the potential use of these materials.
    This is a N-PLAjet specification machine built off of an X-Pump equipped hybrid type injection molding machine "FNX Series" with a clamping force of 1100kN (112ton).
    At the show, 1-cavity molding of heat-tolerant deep-well cup will be demonstrated, using heat-tolerant PLA (PLA-based 100% natural material) as a material.

    N-PLAjet specification machines are equipped with a mold temperature controller and interfacing capabilities for inner mold pressure/temperature direct control system, air blow, valve gate (hot runner mold). In order to materialize mass production of heat-tolerant deep-well PLA products, it utilizes a method to promote better mold releasability to ensure the heat tolerance (max. 120 degrees C) as well as optimizing the cooling time to shorten the cycle.

    "FNX Series" possesses the advantages of both hydraulic type (durability of linear pressure clamp, low maintenance, long life, and low cost) and electric type (energy-saving, high-speed injection, high response, and high repeatability).
    Main features:
    1) Up to 55% less power consumption than that of conventional hydraulic machines (electric type level).
    2) Wide-ranging injection velocity that covers from 1mm/s ultra low to high-speed, especially excelling in low-velocity and low-pressure range stability.
    3) Excellent linearity in both injection velocity and injection pressure.
    4) Excellent dwelling performance that can sustain high injection holding pressure for a long time.
    5) Straight-hydraulic clamping system that excels in low-pressure mold clamping performance, transmits clamping force accordingly to the setting, and endures the change in ambient temperature.

    4. Hybrid Type Vertical LSR Injection Molding Machine "TNX50R2VLM"
    This is an X-Pump equipped hybrid type vertical injection molding machine "TNX Series" with a clamping force of 523kN (53ton), customized to process liquid silicone rubber (LSR) materials.
    At the show, this automated insert molding systems with a traverse takeout robot and universal stocker will demonstrate 1-cavity molding of battery cases with packing. There is a consistently high demand for watertight packing components made of LSR in the PDA and automotive parts industries.
    NISSEI also has abundant experience in monolithic molding of LSR and rigid resins using 2-color/dissimilar material injection molding machines. In this demonstration, a work piece made of PC resin (plate) will be inserted to demonstrate gluing molding of LSR.

    The battery case that will be molded for the demonstration has a very small-volume packing compared to the casing itself. In order to mold this, TNX50R, which has a wide tie bar clearance and large turntable, is used for the clamping unit. The injection unit is 2VLM type, which can cope with a small volume of 0.3g LSR. It materializes flash-less insert molding by its linear pressure clamping mechanism that transmits consistent clamping force, accurate rotation stop precision, and outstanding shutoff function.

    The clamping unit uses a turntable type (rotary) linear pressure clamping device, and it possesses superior performance to toggle types, such as its even contact pressure, linearity in mold open/close, precise clamping force, and clamping precision sustainability. In addition, the turntable and ejectors are servo-driven, materializing shorter cycle.

    NISSEI booth #: West building #3503
    • NEX80Ⅲ-12EG
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