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Three Electric Type Injection Molding Machines Made in Taicang Factory to be Exhibited at "Chinaplas

  • 2012/3/19 Exhibition Information
  • NISSEI PLASTIC INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. will be exhibiting at "Chinaplas 2012," which will be held at Shanghai New International Expo Centre in China from April 18th to 21st. NISSEI will bring and demonstrate three electric type injection molding machines manufactured in Taicang Factory, which is their production base in China.

    Currently, many Chinese businesses are feeling a sense of uncertainty due to lack of funding because of the government's tight-money policy, labor shortage in manufacturing industries, and increasing labor & material costs. To bring a light to this current affair, NISSEI uses "Low-Cost, Manpower-Saving (Automation), and Energy-Efficient" as a slogan to exhibit three electric type injection molding machines, making its low cost yet high quality advantage as well as suggesting technological solutions appeal to the clients' molding-related issues.

    Demonstration Machines
    Electric Injection Molding Machine "NEX-T Series"
    This Series is the NISSEI flagship electric molding machine made in Taicang factory. Three types will be exhibited at the show: 490kN (50ton) NEX50T-3E, 784kN (80ton) NEX80-9E, and 1080kN (110ton) NEX110T-12E.

    The following demonstrations will be held at the show:
    1) NEX50T:
    High cycle molding of long connectors (2-cavity processing LCP) will be demonstrated to appeal both precision & high cycle.
    2) NEX80T:
    1-cavity insert molding of cellular phone casing (insert metal plate frame) will be demonstrated to propose an automated system using a universal takeout robot and stocker.
    3) NEX110T:
    Molding of cable tie will be demonstrated as a low pressure molding system that suppresses the occurrence of flash and short shot. It uses a cable tie mold (20-cavity processing PP) and demonstrates two modes alternately, low pressure molding mode ON and OFF (normal mode), to appeal its effectiveness of the low pressure molding system.

    The main features of NEX-T Series are its "Flat Clamp" clamping mechanism that materializes "linear pressure toggle," and injection mechanism equipped with "high-precision metering control."
    "Flat Clamp" is a NISSEI original toggle type clamping mechanism and is equipped with the "automatic clamping adjuster" and "direct clamping force setting," which can be controlled with a feel of a straight-hydraulic mold clamping system. This mechanism adjusts clamping force fluctuation for toggle type clamping systems due to rising temperature of mold during continuous operations, and the clamping force can be changed even when it is in automatic run. It can maintain the precision of mold and mechanism for a long period of time since it consistently optimizes the clamping force.
    High-precision metering control enables one of the control modes: "Pre-packing" or "Precision Metering." It materializes precision molding with excellent repeatability.
    In addition, high-performance controller TACT permits easy operation and is loaded with a variety of molding program and useful quality control functions.

    NISSEI booth number is E3L41.
    • NEX110T-12E
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