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The Debut of the All-Electric "NEX-T Series" High-Speed High-Pressure Edition at Dongguan Exhibition

  • 2012/11/12 Exhibition Information
  • Nissei Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd. newly developed a new high-speed/high-pressure specification machine "NEX-ⅢT-EN Series." It will be a new addition to the electric injection molding machine "NEX-T Series," which has been produced in Taicang factory for the Chinese market. "NEX-ⅢT-EN Series" will be exhibited at "the 14th Dongguan International Plastic & Packaging Exhibition," and Nissei will accept new orders at the exhibition.

    There are three types of the newly developed high-speed/high-pressure specification machines in NEX-ⅢT-EN Series: 784kN (80ton) NEX80ⅢT-9EN, 1080kN (110ton) NEX110ⅢT-9EN, and 1765kN (180ton) NEX180ⅢT-18EN.

    NEX80ⅢT-9EN and NEX180ⅢT-18EN will be exhibited at "the 14th Dongguan International Plastic & Packaging Exhibition," which will be held at Guangdong Province in China starting on November 14, 2012. Molding of LED reflector (256 cavities) and thin smartphone casing (2 cavities) will be demonstrated at the show. NISSEI booth number is 3D05.

    China has become the biggest producer of smartphone and tablet PC as well as being one of the biggest consumers in the world. The market is very active and is expects to have increasing demands in investing for the new equipments. Technical needs for the molding machines, such as high yield, high quality, and high cycle are especially growing as products become lighter, thinner, shorter, smaller, and more sophisticated.

    In order to meet those needs in the Chinese market, Nissei developed the new high-speed/high-pressure specification machine using competitively priced China-made NEX-T Series as a base model.

    The main features of this series are its new controller TACT Ⅳ and its improved injection performance, which is ideal for molding of thin-wall and precision components.

    For injection performance, a newly developed high speed injection unit driven by a low-inertia servomotor is equipped. It achieves up to 1.7 times faster injection velocity than standard machines and is capable for molding thin-wall and high-precision products.

    New controller "TACT Ⅳ" offers a larger screen, newly designed operation panel, and convenient & user-friendly premium software to improve its workability & operability. The quality & production management functions are also reinforced. TACT IV has been receiving excellent reviews since it is easy to set molding condition, and starting up is simple.
    Main features:
    1) Sheet switch type is used for the operation panel.
    2) 15-inch vertical LCD display can arrange two windows vertically, materializing superior visibility and operability.
    3) New features, such as SET-UP screen and display of the descriptions of adjusters, allow saving of prep time from mold installation to staring of mass production, materialize user-friendly operation, and ensure reliability.
    • NEX80ⅢT-9EN
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