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Two High-Performance Injection Molding Machines to be Exhibited at One of the World Largest General Plastic Exhibitions Held in China

  • 2018/4/13 Exhibition Information
  • NISSEI PLASTIC INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. will be exhibiting at “The 32nd International Exhibition on Plastics and Rubber Industries (Chinaplas 2018)” in Shanghai, China, from April 24th (Tue) to April 27th (Fri). NISSEI will bring two injection molding machines: one electric horizontal and one vertical. China is one of the production capitals and largest consumers of the world. NISSEI is aiming to expand machine sales to China’s main industries, such as automotive, electronic parts, medical devices, and cosmetic container industries. Automation and high-value-added molding production are NISSEI’s keywords for this expo, offering these types of solutions.

    [Demonstration Machines]
    1. All-Electric Type Injection Molding Machine “NEX220IIIT-50E”
    This is a Taicang factory-made “NEX-IIIT Series” with a 2,160kN (220ton) clamping force.
    Molding, takeout by a robot, and automated assembly will be demonstrated as an automation solution using a Taicang factory-made midsize molding machine. This demonstration appeals to the attendees in the automotive parts, medical device and general goods production industries.
    1) By adopting low inertia servomotor, NISSEI original injection unit, and original controller, it produces higher injection velocity, response, and pressure. Optimizing the barrel temperature control materializes higher injection/plasticization precision and wider moldable range.
    2) The high-precision metering control improves yield.
    3) “Linear Pressure Toggle,” which utilizes the advantages of toggle mechanism (high cycle properties, etc.) and possesses the characteristics similar to the straight-hydraulic clamping system, is materialized. This mechanism offers “automatic clamping force adjustment” function and “direct clamping force setting” as standard features. “Automatic clamping force adjustment” automatically adjusts clamping force fluctuations caused by rising mold temperature during automatic run, and “direct clamping force setting” permits changing clamping force setting during automatic run.
    4) It is equipped with a high-performance controller “TACT IV.”
    a. Sheet switch type is used for the operation panel, offering smooth setting entry by the high-response and high-resolution touch panel.
    b. 15-inch vertically long LCD display can arrange two windows vertically, materializing superior visibility and operability.
    c. New features, such as the SET-UP mode and display of the adjuster descriptions, materialize user-friendly operation, ensure reliability, and allow saving of prep time from mounting of mold to staring of mass production.
    d. It offers improved quality/production management by making operation history and monitor data search easy as well as enriching the maintenance function.

    2. Vertical Electric Type Injection Molding Machine for Liquid Silicone Rubber “TNS50RE2VELM”
    This is a special machine with a liquid silicone rubber (LSR) specification injection unit. This machine is built from a vertical electric type injection molding machine “TNS-RE Series” with a 490kN (50ton) clamping force.
    Molding of battery covers with packing will be demonstrated: a plate made from PC resin is inserted into the mold, and then LSR is adhered.
    Objectives of this demonstration are:
    - To show liquid silicone rubber adhesive molding of water-tight products, which is expecting increasing needs in automotive parts and electronics parts industries.
    - To suggest an example for an automated insert system using a general-purpose takeout robot and stocker.
    All-electric vertical type TNS-RE Series offers outstanding energy efficiency, high-precision positioning control, and high cycle. It is equipped with a turntable type clamping unit and center injection type injection unit (vertical injection to the mold). The overall machine size is compact, and the installation space is small; flexible layout for robots in three sides is possible.
    Other notable features:
    1) It is equipped with a 3-tie bar wide turntable and can accommodate larger mold due to the intricate shape of the products or mold with a slide core. In addition, wider work area is secured, providing better workability/operability for mold setup and insertion, and it flexibly accommodates automated systems, such as a robot.
    2) 50-ton type’s table rotation time (180-degree turn) is 1.2 seconds. It is equipped with a high-precision rotation positioning unit, materializing smooth high-speed and low-vibration rotation. This mechanism can prevent mispositioning of inserts and takeout error for insert molding.
    3) It is equipped with a high-performance controller “TACT.”
    a. The special controller TACT comes with a 12.1-inch color LCD display with an integrated high-response and high-resolution touch panel.
    b. A variety of control programs, which are required for holding pressure position control, and quality management functions come standard.
    c. 6-language (Japanese, English, Chinese, etc.) display capability comes standard, and it can be switched with a few taps, making it useful in globalizing molding operations.

    3. Production & Quality Management System “PQ Manager"
    As NISSEI's solution to IoT era, the quality and production management system, PQ Manager, will be demonstrated. PQ Manager makes “visualization of factory” possible and allows the group management of quality and production information from the molding machines as well as the quality analysis of each machine.
    1) Up to 100 machines can be connected to a server.
    2) Email alert can be sent, getting production progress from a factory in a remote location possible. It is compatible with a variety of tablets.
    3) Simultaneous collection of injection waveform from multiple machines is possible, and the waveform analysis function has been improved.
    4) Post-production analysis of molding conditions and its related event is possible. It is useful in analyzing molding defects and cause for machine downtime, increasing productivity.
    5) Collected monitor data, molding condition, and operation history data can be utilized as evidence (traceability data) for quality assurance.
    6) Display language can be switched: Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Thai, and Spanish.
    TNS50RE2VELM will be connected to a PQ Manager at the show to demonstrate the collection of operating status, monitor data, and waveform data in realtime.

    NISSEI booth: No. 3K61
    • NEX220IIIT-50E
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