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Hybrid and Electric Type Injection Molding Machines on Exhibit at “DMP 2015”

  • 2015/11/6 Exhibition Information
  • NISSEI PLASTIC INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. will be exhibiting at the “17th DMP China Dongguan International Plastics, Packaging & Rubber Exhibition (DMP2015)” in Dongguan, China, from November 18th to 21st. NISSEI will bring two injection molding machines, one hybrid and one electric, to demonstrate high value-added cosmetic container molding and metal injection molding, for which demands are projected to increase in China.

    At the DMP2015 Exhibition, two types of injection molding machines will be on display. One is the hybrid injection molding machine, “FNX180IIIT-36A,” made in Thailand, and the other is the all-electric injection molding machine, “NEX80IIIT-5E,” manufactured in Taicang.

    Demonstration machines:
    1. Hybrid Type Injection Molding Machine “FNX180IIIT-36A”
    This is a Thailand factory-made “FNX-IIIT Series” with a 1764kN (180ton) clamping force.
    Two-cavity molding of high design thick-wall cosmetic containers (material: PMMA) will be demonstrated using double molding method: pre-molded primary products will be inserted into the mold using a general-purpose insert robot to execute the secondary molding process.
    The purpose of exhibiting this machine is to show its potential in adding high values to visually appealing cosmetic containers, a booming industry in China, as well as showcase its performance as a hydraulically-operated hybrid type FNX machine.
    Features of this machine ideal for thick-wall product molding:
    1) It offers excellent injection stability in low-velocity and low-pressure range.
    2) It offers excellent injection pressure holding performance, which sustains the high pressure for a long time.
    3) It offers excellent initial mold open linearity of the high-rigidity straight-hydraulic clamping mechanism.
    4) It offers powerful mold open force of the straight-hydraulic clamping unit.

    NISSEI’s hybrid type injection molding machines are completely different than other hybrid type machines. These machines are equipped with an innovative X-Pump, an original pump system that combines the servomotor drive technology with the hydraulic drive technology as a driving source of the injection molding machine. The servomotor rotates at required speed only when it is needed. X-Pump system permits up to 55% of energy-saving compared to their conventional hydraulic type machines. Since its energy efficiency is greatly improved, rise in hydraulic oil temperature can be suppressed, and the amount of cooling water can be reduced. As a result, reducing the cooling equipment and its running costs, such as cooling tower costs, is possible.

    2. Electric Type Injection Molding Machine “NEX80IIIT-5E”
    This is a Taicang factory-made electric injection molding machine “NEX-IIIT Series” with a 784kN (80ton) clamping force.
    Four-cavity metal injection molding (MIM) of SIM card holders using SUS630 will be demonstrated at the show.
    MIM processing industry is booming in recent years in China, and NISSEI delivered more MIM machines than any other Japanese competitors. MIM has been used by the mobile phone industry, and its application has been expanding to automotive and medical industries. Abundantly experienced in metal injection molding (MIM) and their ability to explore the use of new materials, NISSEI is seeking to tap into new markets while receiving repeat orders from existing customers.
    1) Higher injection velocity, response, and pressure are achieved by adopting low inertia servomotor and NISSEI original injection unit. Higher injection/plasticization precision and wider moldable range are materialized by optimizing the barrel temperature control.
    2) Yield is improved by the high-precision metering control.
    3) “Linear Pressure Toggle,” which utilizes the advantages of toggle mechanism (high cycle properties, etc.) and possesses the characteristics similar to the straight-hydraulic clamping system, is materialized. This mechanism offers “automatic clamping force adjustment” function and “direct clamping force setting” as standard features. “Automatic clamping force adjustment” automatically adjusts clamping force fluctuations caused by rising mold temperature during automatic run, and “direct clamping force setting” permits changing clamping force setting during automatic run.
    4) It is equipped with a high-performance controller “TACT IV.”
    - Sheet switch type is used for the operation panel.
    - 15-inch vertically long LCD display can arrange two windows vertically, materializing superior visibility and operability.
    - New features, such as the SET-UP screen and display of the adjuster descriptions, materialize user-friendly operation, ensure reliability, and allow saving of prep time from mounting of mold to staring of mass production.
    - It is equipped with a variety of “molding support software,” quality/production management function, and maintenance function.

    NISSEI booth: No. 3D03
    • FNX180IIIT-36A
    • NEX80IIIT-5E
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