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Exhibiting a Variety of Injection Molding Systems that Provide Technological Solutions for Molding Processes at NPE2015

  • 2015/3/23 Exhibition Information
  • NISSEI PLASTIC INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. pledges to deliver technological solutions to daily challenges for molding processes at NPE2015 in Orland, Florida from March 23rd to March 27th. NISSEI’s theme of this year’s expo is “Plus New Idea: Paving the Way for Future Injection Molding Technologies” where seven types of injection molding machines will be showcased.
    Due to unprecedented congestions at West Coast seaports caused by a prolonged labor dispute, NISSEI altered their demonstration plans for the show.

    Summary of Exhibition Machines
    1. Hybrid Type Injection Molding Machines “PNX-III and FNX-III Series”
    These are NISSEI’s flagship hybrid type injection molding machines “PNX-III and FNX-III Series,” which are as popular as their electric type counterparts.
    641kN (60ton) PNX60III-5A, 1100kN (110ton) FNX110III-18A, and 1750kN (180ton) FNX180III-25A will be showcased.
    NISSEI hybrid type machines excel in low-pressure clamping performance, transmit clamping force that always corresponds to what is on the setting value, and are equipped with the NISSEI original hybrid “X-Pump” system.
    Since the servomotor in X-Pump system rotates at required speed only when it is necessary, it is extremely efficient and saves a large amount of energy. It offers well-balanced performance with its excellent injection performance, enabling it to do a wide variety of molding from precision/thin-wall to thick-wall products.
    1) Power consumption is up to 55% less than that of conventional hydraulic machines (electric type level). It is equipped with an idling stop function.
    2) Wide-ranging injection velocity can cover from 1mm/s ultra low to high-speed, and it offers outstanding stability in low-velocity and low-pressure range.
    3) It offers excellent injection rise performance.
    4) Compared to the electric type, it offers a superb dwelling performance that can maintain high injection holding pressure for a long time.
    5) It requires less hydraulic oil than conventional hydraulic types (up to 56% reduction).

    NISSEI hybrid machines come with a high-performance “TACT IV” Controller. Large screen, newly designed operation panel, and convenient & user-friendly premium software are equipped to improve workability and operability. Quality and production management functions also have been reinforced.
    TACT IV’s features:
    1) 15-inch vertical LCD display can arrange two windows vertically, materializing superior visibility and operability.
    2) Flat sheet switch type is used for the operation panel.
    3) New features, such as SET-UP screen and descriptions of adjusters, permit saving of prep time from mold installation to starting of mass production as well as enriching it with the maintenance functions.

    NISSEI original low-pressure molding software application “N-SAPLI” can be installed on the hybrid type machines. “N-SAPLI” considers the clamping force setting as one of the most important molding conditions and provides optimal control of the clamping force according to its setting. By reducing the peak pressure, this low-pressure molding method can simplify the molding condition to reduce workload for the operators, prolong the life of machine and mold, and reduce molding defects.
    It improves internal stress of the molded products by utilizing low-pressure filling that has no peak pressure to reduce the occurrence of molding defects, such as sink mark and warping. N-Clamping (clamping compression) improves transferability and gas release efficiency to prevent burn and short shot.

    2. Electric Type Injection Molding Machine “NEX-III Series”
    These are NISSEI’s flagship electric type injection molding machines “NEX-III Series.”
    490kN (50ton) NEX50III-5EG, 1080kN (110ton) NEX110III-18E, and 1765kN (180ton) NEX180III-25E will be showcased.
    NEX Series machines possess the following features to meet the needs of clients, such as improving yields by eliminating molding defect and running in faster cycle.
    1) The all-new plasticization device has subdivided and optimized barrel temperature control zones to reduce molding defects, offering improved plasticization performance (energy-efficiency, molding stability, and plasticization time).
    2) The clamping unit is equipped with a NISSEI original Flat Clamp mechanism, automatic clamping force adjustment, direct clamping force setting, and high-sensitivity mold protection to materialize linear-pressure toggle mechanism. This machine utilizes the high-cycle property of a toggle mechanism while possessing the characteristics similar to the straight-hydraulic clamping system, such as uniform clamping force transmission and long-term precision sustainability of the mold/machine.
    3) This machine is equipped with an industry-leading mold protection function. It opens mold instantaneously with “ultra high-speed reaction” when a foreign object is detected during mold close to prevent valuable precision molds from being damaged.
    4) Servomotor load monitoring function is equipped as a standard feature. The load state can be monitored while pursuing faster cycle molding.
    5) New controller “TACT IV” is equipped with a larger screen that displays two windows, newly designed operation panel, and convenient & easy-to-use premium software, offering improved workability and operability. Its improved monitoring function by the quality control and production management features provides traceable production data for the molded products.
    6) Low-pressure molding software application “K-SAPLI” can be installed on the electric type machines.

    3. Quality & Production Management System “PQ Manager”
    This is a molding support system that can group manage the quality and production information of the molding machines. PQ Manager is updated for the first time in 8 years, and its usability has been improved.
    1) It is a web-based application, and installation of client software is no longer needed.
    2) Various tablets can be connected.
    3) The all-new screen layout makes it even easier to use, improving visibility.
    4) Injection waveform analysis function has been updated.
    5) Workability for data backup has been improved.
    Seven exhibition machines will be connected to PQ Manager at the show to demonstrate group management of status monitoring and collection of monitor data/waveform.

    NISSEI booth is located in West Hall W1529.
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