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General-Purpose Electric Horizontal Type and Hybrid Vertical Type Injection Molding Machines Exhibition at “Chinaplas 2014”

  • 2014/4/15 Exhibition Information
  • NISSEI PLASTIC INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. will be exhibiting at “Chinaplas 2014” in Shanghai, China from April 23rd to 26th. NISSEI will bring and demonstrate two machines: the all-electric type injection molding machine “NEX50IIIT-5E” and the hybrid vertical type injection molding machine “TNX50R5V.”

    The all-electric type “NEX50IIIT-5E” is made in Taicang factory in China and has been field-proven in IT-related product industries, from which demands are expected to grow further.
    The hybrid vertical type “TNX50R5V” is made in Japan, and it will be exhibited to evoke demands for automating automotive-related parts production in China.

    Demonstration Machines
    1. All-Electric Injection Molding Machine “NEX50IIIT-5E”
    This is one of the Taicang-made all-electric “NEX-IIIT Series” machines with 490kN (50ton) clamping force.
    Molding of 120 super-fine-pitch connectors, which will use LCP material and be processed in a 2-cavity mold, will be demonstrated at the show. It demonstrates its potential in high-cycle molding of precision parts, which offers Japanese-made level of “stable molding, low vibration, and high-speed motion” performance.

    The most distinctive feature of NEX-IIIT Series is its new controller “TACT IV.” Large screen, newly designed operation panel, and convenient & user-friendly premium software are equipped to improve workability and operability. Quality and production management functions also have been reinforced.
    Main features:
    1) Flat sheet switch type is used for the operation panel.
    2) 15-inch vertical LCD display can arrange two windows vertically, materializing superior visibility and operability.
    3. New features, such as SET-UP screen and descriptions of adjusters, permit saving of prep time from mold installation to starting of mass production as well as materializing easy and reliable operations.

    Other notable features:
    1) Higher injection velocity, response, and pressure are achieved by adopting low inertia servomotor and NISSEI original injection unit. Higher injection/plasticization precision and wider moldable range are materialized by optimizing the barrel temperature control.
    2) Yield is improved by the high-precision metering control (one of the control modes, “Pre-Pack” or “Precision Metering,” can be selected).
    3) “Linear Pressure Toggle,” which utilizes the advantages of toggle mechanism (high cycle properties, etc.) and possesses the characteristics similar to the straight-hydraulic clamping system, is materialized. This mechanism offers “automatic clamping force adjustment” function and “direct clamping force setting” as standard features. “Automatic clamping force adjustment” automatically adjusts clamping force fluctuations caused by rising mold temperature during automatic run, and “direct clamping force setting” permits changing clamping force setting during automatic run.

    2. Hybrid Vertical Type Injection Molding Machine “TNX50R5V”
    This machine offers the combination of a turntable type clamping unit (ideal for various insert molding methods) and center injection type injection unit (vertical injection from the top of the mold). The clamping force is 523kN (53ton).
    Molding of pocket-size mirrors using the automatic insert molding system will be demonstrated at the show. With a general purpose robot, the molding system inserts mirrors into a 2-cavity mold and injects AS resin. This demonstration proposes an automated system that enhances productivity and quality.

    The most distinctive feature of “TNX Series” is its innovative super energy-efficient hybrid pump system “X-Pump,” which demonstrates superb injection performance while saving on the running cost.
    TNX50R consumes 70% less power and 25% less hydraulic oil than those of conventional hydraulic machines. In addition, it offers significantly improved maximum injection velocity of 300mm/s (2.6 times faster than the conventional hydraulic machines) and injection rise time of 60 milliseconds (twice as fast as the conventional hydraulic machines).
    Main features:
    1) Injection unit
    -1. Wide-ranging injection is ensured, contributing to expand moldable range.
    -2. Superb stability in ultra-low velocity/pressure range is ensured, contributing to expand moldable range.
    -3. High injection pressure can be sustained for a long period, contributing to expand moldable range and improve the product qualities.
    2) Clamping unit
    -1. Long-lasting stable operation and even clamping force distribution are materialized by the direct-pressure type clamping mechanism.
    -2. Wide turntable is equipped, increasing mountable mold size.
    -3. Work space around mold area is secured, improving workability and operability.
    -4. Faster cycle is materialized by the servomotor drive (turntable rotation and ejector motion).
    3) High-performance controller “TACT”
    -1. Operation panel is 90-degree swing type with a 12.1-inch LCD touch panel screen.
    -2. Tilt mechanism permits changing screen angle according to the operator’s height.
    -3. Operation switches uses selector switch type, which reduces operation error and excels in operability.
    -4. 6-language display (Japanese, English, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, and Thai) comes standard, and it flexibly adapts to overseas business expansion.
    -5. Maintenance functions, such as pass/fail judgment and quality management, are provided.
    -6. A variety of “useful molding support software applications” is equipped.
    • NEX50IIIT-5E
    • TNX50R5V
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