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Nissei Introduces the New "NEX-Ⅲ Series" Injection Molding Machine

  • 2012/1/30 Products Information
  • NISSEI PLASTIC INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. updated their flagship electric type injection molding machine "NEX Series" in order to offer broader moldable range. The sales of the new NEX-Ⅲ series started this January.

    NISSEI will bring the new NEX-Ⅲ Series to NPE2012, which will be held in Orlando, Florida this April, unveiling it for the first time outside of Japan.

    Six small- & mid-size types, ranging from 294kN (30ton) to 1765kN (180), have been newly updated and reborn as the "NEX-Ⅲ Series."

    The new features are its updated plasticization device (injection unit) and new controller "TACT Ⅳ."

    In order to reduce molding defects, the new plasticization device was designed to provide better plasticization performance by subdividing and optimizing the barrel temperature control zones.
    As a result, it offers:
    1. Better energy efficiency
    The newly designed nozzle and barrel permit better thermal conduction, shortening the heat-up time by 25% and saving power by 8%.
    2. Improved molding stability
    Drifting (fluctuation) of resin temperature, which occurs upon starting up a molding machine, can be eliminated. It offers stable plasticization for PBT (non-reinforced), LCP, PA66, and PCTA and enhances plasticizing performance for PP resin. It is highly effective for various types of resins to reduce defect rate, improve yield, and increase productivity.
    3. Shorter plasticization time
    By its two-zone controlled (subdivided) rear heater, plasticization time can be shortened.

    New NEX Series also offers improved basic functions, such as higher injection pressure and faster injection speed. Many optional features are also available, such as a selection of high-precision specification for 2EG~12EG injection unit classes, which materializes further precise stable molding.

    New controller "TACT Ⅳ" offers a larger screen, newly designed operation panel, and convenient & user-friendly premium software to improve its workability & operability. The quality & production management functions are also reinforced.
    Main features:
    1. Sheet switch type is used for the operation panel.
    2. 15-inch vertical LCD display can arrange two windows vertically, materializing superior visibility and operability.
    3. Molding condition settings to increase yield, which formerly required a skilled technician, are automated and simplified. Its "Easy Setting" permits the reduction of defect rate.
    4. New features, such as plan screen and display of the descriptions of adjusters, allow saving of prep time from mold installation to staring of mass production and materialize easy & reliable operation.
    • NEX110-9EG
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