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Now Available: NISSEI’s NEX-IV Series

  • 2017/6/28 Products Information
  • NISSEI PLASTIC INDUSTRIAL, CO. LTD. refreshed their flagship all-electric injection molding machine NEX Series and is announcing the debut of NEX-IV Series. NISSEI is now taking orders for the NEX-IV Series, which consists of machines in nine different tonnages:
    - NEX30IV: 294kN (30ton)
    - NEX50IV: 490kN (50ton)
    - NEX80IV: 784kN (80ton)
    - NEX110IV: 1080kN (110ton)
    - NEX140IV: 1374kN (140ton)
    - NEX180IV: 1765kN (180ton)
    - NEX220IV: 2160kN (220ton)
    - NEX280IV: 2740kN (279ton)
    - NEX360IV: 3530kN (360ton)

    Since its debut in 2003, NEX Series has become one of NISSEI’s flagship series, and a total of 16,000 units have been sold. The new NEX-IV Series is the fourth generation on the NEX Series, which succeeds the highly-reputed current model NEX-III Series that was released in January of 2012.

    As an industry-specific manufacturer, NISSEI builds on years of accumulated expertise to provide you the most innovative and advanced electric injection-molding machine technologies on the market; the injection unit materializes stable plasticization and high-precision metering, and the Flat Clamp type clamping unit transmits stable and uniform pressure by its linear pressure toggle mechanism. NEX-IV Series inherits these excellent features while receiving a basic performance boost. With our new series, you can expect to see:

    1. Increased precision and speed
    The newly-designed toggle mechanism can cut the mold open/close cycle time by 5~20%, which increases productivity. The time-tested “Flat Clamp mechanism” has been further developed to improve evenness of its contact pressure. To improve clamping precision, linear guides come standard for clamping slides, which contribute to prevent molding defects (flash, etc.), and prolong the service life of the mold and clamping unit. Combining it with the “Precision Metering” function, which maintains the consistency of metering density and injection volume, it materializes highly-stable precision molding with high repeatability. In addition, the wear-resistant toggle and linear guides reduce inconvenient greasing work, making it even cleaner. It possesses superior capability in meeting needs for clean room applications for container and medical industries.

    2. Larger mold, smaller machine
    NEX-IV Series offers one of the widest daylights in the industry while keeping its footprints to industry’s smallest size. By adding up to 100mm to the daylights, the mold thickness ranges have been greatly increased. It flexibly accommodates hot runner molds, molds for long-length products, and modern molds which grow in size in accordance with integral molding or intricate shapes of the products. In conjunction with the low-pressure molding method, one class smaller injection molding machine can be selected and used for an existing mold.

    3. Low inertia servomotor, NISSEI’s original injection unit, and its control materialize higher speed/response/pressure injection and optimization of barrel temperature control. These technologies expand the moldable range and make high-precision injection and metering possible.

    4. High-precision metering control “Pre-Pack II” makes metering density and injection volume consistent. It can improve yields even if regrinds or inconsistent materials, which qualities vary between lots, are used.

    5. The “Linear Pressure Toggle” is materialized; with characteristics similar to the straight-hydraulic clamping system, it utilizes the advantages of toggle mechanism (e.g., high cycle properties, etc.). This mechanism offers “automatic clamping force adjustment” function and “direct clamping force setting” as standard features. “Automatic clamping force adjustment” automatically adjusts clamping force fluctuations caused by rising mold temperature during automatic run, and “direct clamping force setting” permits changing clamping force setting during automatic run.

    6. New features are added to the high-end high-performance controller “TACT IV.”
    - It facilitates condition management by compiling important process information into one large 15-inch screen.
    - Each process is displayed in a color-coded chart and a feature that assists to shorten cycle is added.
    - Newly-added material change purging circuit optimizes the purging conditions, reducing purging resin amount and time.
    - Improved operations of quality & production management and maintenance features.
    - Newly-added mold open/close response speed selector (high-speed, normal, and low-speed) offers ideal selection according to the processes, such as high-cycle.
    - Up to 100 injection molding machines can be connected to Quality & Production Control System “PQ Manager,” which is offered as an option. It makes group management of injection molding machines and realtime production information monitoring from remote location via tablet possible.

    NISSEI has been advocating the downsizing of molding equipments. As a pioneer, NISSEI unleashes a newly-developed NEX-IV Series, suggests optimum equipments for their clients, and reinforces their total support in injection molding processes.
    • NEX80IV-12EG
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