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Nissei’s Subsidiary in India Opened a New Branch Office in Chennai

  • 2019/4/26 Corporate Information
  • In order to improve service and customer satisfaction in the Indian market, Nissei Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd.’s subsidiary “Nissei Plastic (India) Private Ltd.” opened a branch office in Chennai, Southern India. Its operation started in January.

    The Indian government has been pushing stricter environmental and emission regulations. As more electric and lighter vehicles are made for better efficiency, there is a shift in using lighter plastic components for the automotive parts rather than the traditional metal components. The production of plastic parts in India is expected to rapidly grow due to the Make in India initiative, which is a wider set of nation-building initiatives launched by the Indian government.

    Many Japanese and other foreign automotive makers and suppliers are located around Chennai, where the new branch office is opened. Nissei is planning to expand their business infrastructure to cover a wider service area in India from their Gurgaon subsidiary in the northern area to the Chennai office in the southern area. They will also utilize the sales agency’s network, which is headquartered in Mumbai.

    The Chennai office is located in Guindy Industrial Estate, the center point between Chennai International Airport and the urban districts. Their nearby customers’ factories, located in the north, south, and west Chennai, are easily accessible from the new office, and it will initially function as a service center. One staff from Japan and one local staff are currently working in the office.

    [New Chennai Office]
    Name: Nissei Plastic (India) Private Ltd. Chennai Office
    Address: 33-B, 9th floor, Olympia Platina, South Phase, Guindy Industrial Estate, Chennai 600032, Tamil Nadu, India
    Phone: +91-446-610-8030

    [Indian Sales Subsidiary (Headquarter: Gurgaon)]
    Name: Nissei Plastic (India) Private Ltd.
    Address: c/o. HIP B36-37, IDC, Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road, Opposite Sector 14, Gurgaon, Haryana, India, 122001
    Phone: +91-124-474-8203
    Fax: +91-124-474-8204
    • The office building where the Chennai Office is tenanted.
      The office building where the Chennai Office is tenanted.
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