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Nissei’s Subsidiary in Mexico Opens a New Branch Office

  • 2017/5/18 Corporate Information
  • In order to strengthen sales and improve service in the Central Mexican Plateau area, Nissei Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd’s subsidiary “Nissei Mexico, S.A. De C.V.” opened a branch office in Santiago de Queretaro City in Queretaro State, Mexico. Its operation started in May.

    Since many corporations are starting up factories in Mexico, plastic molding industries are currently facing labor shortage there. The need to raise and train staff members who handle molding processing has also increased. The Nissei Queretaro office plans to open a technical training center to address this need, offering classes on the premise as well as provide more scrupulous services for customers via consultations.

    There are many automotive-related factories clustered near US-Mexico border. Recently, many of them are also starting up factories in the Central Mexican Plateau area. Nissei has been providing sales and services to the area from their subsidiary’s headquarters in Mexico City. New Queretaro office is located in the Central Mexican Plateau, which is at the center of the north to south passage that connects Monterrey, San Luis Potosi, and Mexico City. It is also located at the east entrance of the east to west passage, which takes to Leon and Aguascalientes. Nissei Queretaro office will drive better sales opportunities as well as providing quality services.

    In addition, Nissei Queretaro office is on a near-straight road that goes through Monterrey from Nissei’s US Texas plant, which is currently under construction, making it very convenient logistically.

    The Nissei Queretaro office is run by five employees, one Japanese and five local staff, at the moment.

    Establishments of Nissei’s sales locations in Mexico are as follows:
    1992 – A representative office was opened.
    1993 – The representative office was re-established as a local subsidiary.
    1999 – The Monterrey office was opened.
    2001 – The Guadalajara office was opened.

    The Nissei Queretaro office is their third branch office in Mexico.

    [Nissei Queretaro office]
    Name: Nissei Mexico, S.A. De C.V. Queretaro Office
    Director: Akira Iijima
    Address: Parque Tecnologico Innovacion Queretaro (PTIQ)
    Kilometro 2.2 De La Carretera Estatal 431 Hacienda La Machorra, Municipio De El Marques, Queretaro 76246, Mexico
    Phone: +52-442-161-2851
    Fax: +52-442-161-2856
    • Nissei Queretaro office
      Nissei Queretaro office
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